We deliver high quality images to businesses, brands, companies, individuals. Think of portraits, campaigns, fashion etc. Tell us what you need and we will deliver!


We provide professional make up & hair services for businesses, brands, companies, individuals. Our make up artist is also a certified beautician. You'll be in good hands!


You can book the Photographer and Makeup/Hair Artist together as a team. We are a great match, so you can expect outstanding results from us!


what we proudly made

Photography by Thuy Nguyen - Grooming by Sarah Da Silva
Available as prints. Contact for info & prices.


Thuy Nguyen is a boss photographer who: 

  • Is obsessed with cats
  • Doesn’t have any cats as pets
  • Loves to listen to the same song on repeat the whole day

But she also loves to make people feel warm and welcome. She finds it important that people are treated as humans. She also happens to know how to create the best images that fit your needs. She is open to hear your ideas!

Strong points: portraits, campaigns/lookbooks and fashion.

Publications and clients include: A’DAM Toren (A’DAM Tower), Google, Metro Amsterdam, Metro Rotterdam, Noticed Models, Ascot & Charlie, Elite Model Agency Paris and others.

Interviews: MWB Magazine

Thuy Nguyen, Photographe, based in Paris & Amsterdam. Available to work worldwide.

Sarah Da Silva is a make up artist who: 

  • Is obsessed with all things glitter
  • Makes the best buddha bowls ever
  • Is annoyed when Thuy listens to the same song on repeat

She is a colorful person, very dedicated to her craft to create the best looks. 

Strong points: campaigns, fashion and events.

Clients include: RAD, Princesse Tam Tam, Bibiche, Barbara, Ascot & Charlie, Comptoir des Cotonniers, Galerie LaFayette, Printemps, Manic Panic France and many others.

Interviews: ELLE China

Sarah Da Silva, Make Up & Hair Artist, based in Paris. Available to work worldwide. 

Check out Sarah’s work on her website and Instagram.

We are a strong and experienced team, we love working with eachother and have had the chance to work together on numerous shoots. You can book us together or individually. Would you like to know what we can do for you? Fill in the contact form below.

What else we provide?

Workshops & courses

Would you like to learn how to shoot the best images or would you like to learn how to do beauty looks? We offer one-on-one and group workshops for businesses and individuals. Contact us for details.

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Do you want to discuss another idea with us? We will always find a solution together.

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We are based in Paris and Amsterdam and ready to meet you. We can also hop on a (Skype) call. Saves travel time.

What our clients say

Amazing pictures, Thuy is the best photographer we ever had!

A'DAM Toren

Sarah is a delight to work with, she takes good care of you and knew exactly what we wanted to achieve.

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